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Southern Tanzania


Ruaha National Park
At over 20,000 sq km, Ruaha is the largest national park in Tanzania.  Located in south central Tanzania, the name of the park is derived from the Great Ruaha River, which flows along its south-eastern margin and is the focus for game-viewing.  Ruaha is famous for its large population of elephants. It holds one of the tightest concentrations of lions to be found anywhere, with over 10% of the world’s lions. The park is also a true birdwatchers’ paradise with over 580 species sighted there. Other special animals in Ruaha are the African wild dog, leopard, cheetah and sable antelope. In spite of the size of the park there are still only a handful of camps found here, which explains Ruaha’s reputation as Tanzania’s best kept game viewing secret.

Selous Game Reserve

The Selous covers 45,000 sq km of wilderness, with grassy plains, open woodland, moutnains and forests and is Africa’s largest game reserve, being three times the size of South africa’s Kruger National Park and twice the size of the Serengeti. It is named after Frederick Courtney Selous, a great explorer and hunter and is one of Tanzania’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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