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Giving Back to the Community

An important sign of a company’s standards is the degree to which it gives back to the community. At Firelight Safaris Tanzania, our central mission has been to participate in the improvement of health, education, career development, and conservation of our surroundings.  We feel that it is both a responsibility and a privilege.

Health: Tanzania by Firelight Safaris has sponsored a series of medical missions among the villages on Lake Tanganyika through which hundreds of patients have received surgeries and medical care. In addition, the company has contributed to an important program assisting with the distribution of mosquito nets among these villages. With malaria death rates high in the rural areas of Tanzania, mosquito nets are crucial in reducing the number of infections.

Education: Education is the key to a child’s development and future. At the Kipili Primary School on the mainland, Firelight Safaris Tanzania have helped improve the school’s resources and facilities. Through book and uniform donations, resurfacing of the football field and donations to expand overcrowded classrooms, we have been able provide a brighter future for these students.

Career Development: Firelight Safaris Tanzania, is very proud of their employees, most of whom come from the local villages. Most employees received their very first paycheck on our properties. From the training of artisans to other on-going career development programs, many of the trainees have moved forward to supervisor and guest handling positions with pride.

Conservation: Our company and its staff believe a healthy environment is crucial to both the communities and to our businesses where we operate. We focus on promoting the importance of sustainability to tourists and the local communities, ensuring that a positive legacy is established and maintained. Furthermore, we supported anti-poaching efforts by making our company helicopter available to the Katavi National Park management to patrol its boundaries. We have been key in establishing a protected bay next to Lupita Island, moving towards making it into a marine park for the rare and beautiful cichlid fish that live exclusively in this bay.

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