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Best time to come and Weather

Tanzania is located near the equator and so enjoys a mild tropical climate nearly year-round.  One might think that being on the equator would make for hot humid weather, but elevated altitudes keep it balmy and pleasant during the days except on the Coast.  In most areas it can be cool enough during the evenings and mornings to require sweaters and jackets.


The best time to come on safari is typically in the cooler months of May to mid October.  January and February are also nice, albeit rather warmer.  The long rains are from March to May, and the short rains from November to mid December. It is important to be aware of the weather during these months when planning a safari.


Many travelers visit Tanzania to see the Serengeti's great wildebeest migration. Linked to the rainfall, this is a stunning migration of thousands of wildebeest and zebra. It is also common to see gazelle, eland and impala among the herds.
The two main times to see the migration in the Serengeti are:
December through to March in the southern areas of Serengeti when the wildebeest drop their young.
Mid June through to September in the Northern part.
The wildebeest wander through central Serengeti throughout the year and follow a fairly predictable pattern, as the animals are constantly seeking fresh grazing while following the rains.
So it is really a question of finding out where the migration is during the time you are visiting. Firelight Safaris can advise on this.

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